How Small Retailers Can Stop The Infamous Five-Finger Discount

In the retail industry, businesses can lose thousands to millions of dollars each year thanks to shoplifters. Loss prevention policies are typically put into place for bigger companies, but small businesses may not have the resources or know-how to put a stop to shoplifting. There are several things small retail stores can do to help minimize the damage, ranging from high-tech retail security systems to the implementation of simple policies that can make it less tempting for shoplifters to run away with goods.

Did You Recently Get a Home Security Systm? 3 Additional Protective Measures You May Not Realize Were Installed

When a security system is installed in a home, everyone knows that the code that is pushed into the system to turn it on and off is important. You do not want to share it with anyone, but family members to ensure that no one can gain access to your home without your knowledge. Many people do not realize that there are other protective measures the security company puts in place to ensure your family is as safe as possible at all times.

Should You Hire An Armed Or Unarmed Security Guard?

You've decided that you need the presence of a security guard at your business or event. Now comes the tough question: Do you need a guard who carries a weapon, or is it better in your situation to have someone who does not have a gun? To decide, you'll need to look at your environment, what you need to protect and even your budget. Here are the pros and cons of an armed security guard.

Security And Event Planning In Sioux Falls

Event planning is a booming business across the US. Events such as weddings, conferences, and company parties make up a large portion of the event planning business. These events require a lot of work and attention to detail in order to plan. Not only is food and entertainment a requirement, but things like transportation and security are also details that cannot be forgotten. The Sioux Falls area is home to many great events every year.

How To Find The Sweet Spot Between Overly Sensitive And Fast Reponses For Security Systems

There's often going to be a push and pull between services that are overly touchy and those that don't respond nearly often or fast enough to your potential security needs. It's important to note that some false alarms may be good in the sense that they are reacting to events that very well could be a danger to you. Here are some ways to find and modify systems that are a perfect combination of sensitive enough to create fast response times, but not so much to give you too many false alarms.