How To Find The Sweet Spot Between Overly Sensitive And Fast Reponses For Security Systems

There's often going to be a push and pull between services that are overly touchy and those that don't respond nearly often or fast enough to your potential security needs. It's important to note that some false alarms may be good in the sense that they are reacting to events that very well could be a danger to you. Here are some ways to find and modify systems that are a perfect combination of sensitive enough to create fast response times, but not so much to give you too many false alarms.

Choose Systems That Have Delay Times

It's hard for you to prepare for every single possible potential false alarm. That's why you need to make sure that you go with a system that has a solid and dependable delay time feature built into it. This will give you time to disarm the system during a false alarm. The sweet spot for this is often around 4 minutes since police times are rarely better than this anyway.

Many experts say that it's important to play with your system and use it in order to make sure you understand how it works, and especially how to arm it, in order to avoid too many false alarms. This is also important to make sure that it's working correctly when it's supposed to, however, in order to ensure fast alarm response times.

Check Your House for Possible False Triggers

Almost anything that moves can set off a security alarm that's triggered by a motion sensor. This includes curtains in front of open windows, pendulums in clocks, or even a heat vent that's too close to the sensor. If you have automated fax machines, the paper coming out could set off a motion sensor.

You could also have a problem with sprinklers that shoot off water to keep your grass alive at a constant rate, or ceiling fans that click on and off. Animals like dogs and pets should be secured away from security cameras during periods where you arm the system as well. This is especially the case for felines that can get up to 6 feet or higher off the ground.

If you read reviews that indicate that a security alarm response is highly sensitive with motion sensors, glass sensors, and that responds to alarms quickly, you shouldn't be necessarily turned off by false alarms. Don't decide firmly to change your security system due to false alarms until you've tried some of these tricks to cut back on them.