6 Steps to Saying Goodbye to an Identity Theft

Have you become the victim of identity theft? If so, you have a problem on your hands. 1 - Call companies involved in the fraud. Many companies have a fraud department that you can get in touch with, whether you are dealing with a credit-card company or a bank. You need to explain the details of the identity theft and ask these companies to freeze all accounts associated with your name.

Times That It Pays to Hire an Armed Courier or Security Guard

If you have looked into hiring security guards or professionals previously, you may notice a distinct price difference when it comes to hiring an armed courier service or armed guards. This is typically due to the stringent certifications and licensing that these individuals must endure in order to be able to carry firearms in this field. Usually these armed guards must be re-certified every two years, which takes time and money, and that manifests in the higher cost of hiring these candidates and companies for security jobs.

Preventing False Alarms In Your Home Security System

While your new home security system is intended to keep your home and family safe, it can put a burden on local law enforcement when issuing false alarms. Up to 25 percent of the calls to your local police station are due to home systems sending a false alarm. This keeps the police busy responding to these alarms instead of to people who have a real need for their help. Here is how you can reduce the number of false alarms the police department receives.

Tips To Keep Yourself Safe During Terrorist Threats Or Attacks

The world can seem like a scary place in light of global news and recent events, and many fear that a terrorist attack is not possible, but likely. Of families living in the US, less than half have an emergency preparedness plan in place for such events. Preparing for a crisis ahead of time can help provide peace of mind and a sense of security, in unpredictable or uncertain times.

Protect Your Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer From Theft Or Vandalism While Out Of Town

If you will be attending a motorcycle rally in the near future and are concerned about your enclosed motorcycle trailer being vandalized or items inside of it being stolen while at the event, the following tips will help keep your possessions safe. As a result, you can enjoy your time away from home without needing to constantly monitor the trailer. Wireless LED Motion Lights Install wireless LED motion lights near the door to the trailer.