Times That It Pays to Hire an Armed Courier or Security Guard

If you have looked into hiring security guards or professionals previously, you may notice a distinct price difference when it comes to hiring an armed courier service or armed guards. This is typically due to the stringent certifications and licensing that these individuals must endure in order to be able to carry firearms in this field. Usually these armed guards must be re-certified every two years, which takes time and money, and that manifests in the higher cost of hiring these candidates and companies for security jobs.

Reevaluate your security needs, as some situations and tasks merit the cost of hiring an armed security professional, including the following.

If you are passing through or located in an area known for crime. If you are located in an area that is known for crime or are sending a courier through a region that may be deemed unsafe, it pays to hire armed security. Clients and customers at your business want to know that they are protected when they visit and that you take security very seriously. Don't test fate; if you are dealing with areas reputed for high-crime rates, play it safe by hiring only the best security to protect your investment and your patrons.

When you are responsible for someone else's goods, money, or safety. If you are responsible for delivering something to a colleague or patron, they want to know that you are protecting it—and their investment—with all that you have. This may equate to hiring an armed security courier or guard to take the reins and ensure that the package or product gets where it needs to be.

If your budget permits you to hire armed security professionals. Know that hiring an armed courier service is going to cost more than an unarmed one; this is simply a fact, due to the high demands and requirements that these professionals endure to become certified. In addition to rigorous licensing and certifications, most armed security guards are required to have law-enforcement experience, have some level of military training, and carry higher insurance coverage than other security professionals. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" definitely rings true when it comes to hiring security experts.

Make a decision about security that you feel good about; some situations warrant hiring armed couriers and guards. Before you opt for less secure measures, consider these scenarios and whether you will be working in sketchy neighborhoods with someone else's valuables as well as whether you have the budget to hire armed security professionals. The peace of mind provided by a comprehensive security team for your task, job, or event is well worth any price.