Did You Recently Get a Home Security Systm? 3 Additional Protective Measures You May Not Realize Were Installed

When a security system is installed in a home, everyone knows that the code that is pushed into the system to turn it on and off is important. You do not want to share it with anyone, but family members to ensure that no one can gain access to your home without your knowledge. Many people do not realize that there are other protective measures the security company puts in place to ensure your family is as safe as possible at all times. The following guide walks you through a few additional protective measures your security company may offer.

Secret Emergency Code

When you set up the security system, you will have to create two passcodes. One passcode will allow you to easily turn the system on and off with ease. The second code is a code that you enter if someone were to force you to turn the alarm off against your will. The code will be very close to the code you normally use to operate the system. When the emergency code is entered, the security company will alert the police that the emergency code was entered, but they will not sound off the alarm in your home because it would alert the person forcing the code from you. 

All-Clear Password

If the alarm is sounded and then suddenly stopped, the security company will more than likely call to check and see if the alarm was tripped accidentally or if there is someone in the home that should not be. You will need to give the operator a specific password that you will create when the home security system is installed. Be sure that the password is something that everyone in your family can easily remember.

Emergency Password

The security system will also set up an emergency password for you to use if someone is in your home that should not be, but you cannot say anything about it to the operator. The emergency password needs to be a word that is not commonly used in a conversation, but easy for your family to understand.

These three measures are designed to ensure that your family can call for help when needed, even if there is someone in the room with you who should not be. Be sure everyone in the family knows all three of these protective measures to ensure they can get help when needed. For more information about these and other features, contact local home security system companies.