Own A Business? Hire A Fire Protection Service To Keep Your Building And Employees Safe

If you own your own business, it is your job to ensure the building and your employees stay safe. One thing that can happen is the building catching on fire. This can result in a lot of damage and even death to employees. One thing you can do is hire a fire protection service. Below is information on how they prevent fires from happening. 

Install A Fire Sprinkler System

The fire protection service may install a fire sprinkler system in your building. This is installed on the ceiling and results in sprinklers discharging water when there is a fire. The sprinklers automatically open when there is a fire close to them or some sprinkler systems detect heat. When the heat in the room reaches a certain temperature, the sprinklers automatically activate.

Rows of sprinklers are installed to cover the entire ceiling. This allows the entire room to be sprayed with enough water. The sprinklers are connected to the water pipes, so water runs continuously as long as it is needed. When the fire goes away, or the heat goes down the sprinklers stop spraying water automatically. 

Install a Foam Fire Protection System

You may have areas outside of your building where water will cause a lot of damage, In a case like this, the fire protection service may choose to install a foam fire protection system in these areas. 

This works much like a sprinkler system but instead of discharging water, the water is mixed with foam and then expands to put out the fire. You should be aware that a foam system does create a lot of mess from the foam and can take a lot of time to clean up afterward. Because of this, this type of fire protection system is often installed outside a building, such as on a patio or near where transformers are installed outside.

Install a Pressurized Gas Fire Protection System

The contractor may suggest they install a pressurized gas system in areas where water can cause a lot of damage inside your building. Liquid nitrogen is used in this system and a gas is released when there is a fire to put the fire out. 

This is often used in server rooms, computer rooms, etc. Because no water is used it is much easier to clean up after the fire. The gas will also not damage electronic equipment. 

The fire protection service company will also likely install fire extinguishers in your building and a fire alarm system.

Reach out to a fire protection services company for more information.