5 Roles Of Warehouse Security Guards In Business

Tired of pilferers running across your warehouse and stealing thousands of dollars worth of stock? The busy environment in a warehouse presents different security challenges. There could be accidents because of uncoordinated movements. There could be pilfering going on unnoticed. There could also be burglary attempts. Investing in warehouse security should be a priority for any business because of warehousing's role in the supply chain; a disruption in warehousing can lead to inventory loss and undelivered customer orders. Accordingly, warehouse security guards play several important roles in securing your warehouse:

1. External Patrols for Deterrence and Response

Warehouse security guards perform external patrols to deter would-be intruders and to respond to theft, vandalism or other security incidents. Depending on the warehouse's location and security needs, these patrols may be performed by a single guard or by a team of guards. 

The following is a list of core security duties that a warehouse security guard may perform: 

  • Monitors video surveillance systems 

  • Monitors access control systems 

  • Investigate suspicious activity 

  • Liaise with law enforcement 

2. Monitoring for Internal Pilferage    

Warehouse security guards monitor activity and report suspicious behavior to management. A security guard can investigate how pilferage happens if the thieves have found ways to beat video surveillance. 

They can observe suspects, monitoring their movements and interactions over a long time to spot conduits for pilferage. In addition, the physical presence of a security guard on patrol can play a deterrence role. 

3. Traffic Movement Control    

Warehouse security guards maintain traffic flow in the warehouse to prevent accidents and ensure that merchandise is moved safely from place to place. It also improves efficiency because inventory can move faster. They also direct traffic during fire drills and evacuation drills. 

4. Response to Customer Enquiries    

Warehouse security guards respond to customer enquiries regarding the location of specific items in the warehouse, delivery times, and other customer service issues. They also play an ambassadorial role by presenting a professional face of your brand. 

5. Emergency Response   

Warehouse security guards play a crucial role in responding to emergencies such as fires and floods. For example, when a fire breaks out, guards use their radios to call for help and then assist employees in moving valuable equipment out of harm's way. 

They are trained in evacuating people in case of fires. They can also perform first aid when accidents like electrical shocks and burns happen. But, most importantly, they liaise with emergency responders for a coordinated and effective response. 

Do you think your warehouse is vulnerable to various security risks? Talk to a security services provider to deploy warehouse security guards for enhanced protection of your inventory and assets.