A Couple Of Things To Understand Before Bailing Someone Out Of Jail

Like most people, you know about bail bonds from watching television or reading about them in a novel. However, there is a lot more to bail and a bond than the average person understands. Hopefully, you will never need to really understand the bail process. A judge determines the bail amount a person needs to be released from jail. This is the amount the court will hold to ensure the arrested person returns to court to face any disciplinary action. If you do not have the cash available, you need to see a bail bond agency. However, if someone you know needs to be bailed out of jail, you need to understand a few things about bail bonds.


Every state has set a limit on how much a bail bondsman can charge for a bond. This is generally a percentage of the bail amount. When you go to the bond agency you are expected to pay this amount upfront. You do not get this money back after the bailed person returns to court. This money is the fee to get the bail posted with the court so your friend can be released.

There may be fees and fines imposed by the court. This could include the fine from a traffic ticket or any compensation that is owed to the victim of a crime. In addition, there are court costs you may need to pay. All of these costs will come out of any money you give the bondsman. You will only be given the money that is left after all fees, fines, and other costs have been paid. In fact, it is possible that the person arrested is going to still owe money, but the court will decide how that is to be paid.


While a small bail amount will not usually require you to put up any assets as collateral, a large bail will. The bond agency needs reassurance that the freed person will return to court. The bondsman will have to pay the court the full bail amount if someone skips out and does not go to court. To ensure they are not going to lose any money, they require some type of collateral. This could be real estate, vehicles, art, jewelry, or any other item that can be sold for the bail amount. It is possible to use multiple items to fulfill the collateral requirement. You will need to either give the agency the items to hold, or they will put a lien on the items. Once all the court appearances and requirements have been met you will get your stuff back and any liens will be removed.

It is important you understand you may have to give the bondsman a hefty amount of money you will not get back regardless of whether your friend goes to court or not. Make sure you have an arrangement for how you will be reimbursed. To learn more, contact a company like Abaasy Bail Bonds.