Reasons That Hospital Security Officers May Need To Direct Traffic

Security officers who work at hospitals will perform a variety of duties that help to keep staff and patients alike safe. If you work in this capacity, there will be times that you'll need to focus on the role of directing traffic. Doing so might not seem quite as exciting as some of your other regular assignments, but it's important for preventing car accidents on hospital property, preventing traffic jams that block patients from getting the care that they need, and more. Here are three specific reasons that you may need to direct traffic at some point during your shift if you hold one of the hospital security jobs in AZ.

In The Wake Of A Major Incident

If there has been a major incident in your area, such as a school shooting, a bus accident, or something else out of the norm, the hospital immediately becomes busier. Not only will lots of ambulances be heading to the scene, but concerned family members, media, and other individuals will all be arriving at the hospital to check on the injured. The average hospital may not physically have the space to accommodate all of these vehicles in a smooth manner, so the presence of security guards directing people in the lots and the lanes around the hospital will help.

Following Road Work

A hospital's roads need regular upkeep, so there may occasionally be road crews patching holes, painting lines, or even repaving the roads and parking lots throughout the hospital campus. In such scenarios, visitors may find it unclear where they need to go. This may especially be true for those who are rushing to visit a sick or injured loved one, and may not be thinking clearly. Your presence to point people in the right direction, as well as to ensure that people maintain low speeds around the road crews, will be valuable.

During Power Outages

A wide-scale power outage in the area won't affect the hospital, which has backup generators. But, it may affect the traffic lights on the roads throughout the hospital campus. You may be tasked with directing traffic at some of the busier intersections during such a time. Your presence will help traffic to keep moving at a steady pace, as well as prevent any accidents that could arise from drivers' confusion. For example, if two motorists aren't sure about who has the right of way, and both are rushing to get parked so that they can visit a loved one, they could have a collision.