Before You Say I Do, Say Yes To A Premarital Investigation

Marriage is meant to be your happily ever after. However, long-lasting bliss can only be achieved if both you and your partner begin your relationship being upfront and honest. Unfortunately, some people don't find out about their partner's dishonesty until their marriage has already started and their partner's lies have not only impacted their marriage, but their entire life is in shambles. The scenario can be especially detrimental when the deceit involves past relationships or financial history.

The Problem With A Lie of Omission

A little lie of omission has the potential to have a significant effect on your life. During the dating phase, most people want to make themselves appear as positively as they can. Some people lie about their financial history, past relationships, and a host of other details. Even though it's your partner's lie, it can affect you just the same.

Past Relationships

Take someone who has lied about not having any children, for example. Seeing your partner get served with a child support order isn't exactly the way you want to find out that your partner has a child from a previous relationship. Not only is this a devastating emotional blow, but your household finances will also be affected by this new obligation.  

Financial History

Some people overlook the fact that marriage isn't just a commitment to spend your life together, but it is sometimes also a commitment to the other person's debt. Tax liens, student loan debt, and credit card debt are just some of the expenses you could be faced with. Particularly when it comes to tax liens and student loan debt, any bank accounts you share with your spouse could be frozen and your joint tax refund could be intercepted all because of your partner's debt.

Premarital Investigation

One of the best ways to protect yourself from these types of mishaps is to have a premarital investigation performed. Premarital investigations are very similar to background checks. However, they are more tailored to cover the areas of an individual's background that will likely have the greatest impact on their relationship, such as previous martial history, financial information, and criminal records.

These investigations are also discrete and all information is kept confidential. While it is advisable to make your partner aware of the investigation, it is completely legal to have it performed without their knowledge.

Protecting yourself from heartache, financial loss, and undue stress should begin before your marriage. Don't go into your marriage blindly. With a premarital investigation performed by a private investigator, you can ensure that you are protected and your soon-to-be spouse is actually who they say they are.