Personal Protection For Chemical Engineers: 5 Reasons That Bodyguards Make Great Employees For Oil Professionals

With growing tensions in the Middle East, many chemical engineers and other oil professionals may find themselves in need of personal protection for international travel. You may be wondering if it would be beneficial to hire a bodyguard in order to keep you safe during your business travels. You may also be wondering if hiring a bodyguard would be worth the investment. Here are five surprising reasons why a bodyguard may be the best employee that you could have.

1. Bodyguards do more than just guard. A skilled bodyguard is not only trained in warding off attackers, he or she can also organize travel plans that are both safe and efficient. Allowing your bodyguard to plan your travel arrangements not only ensures that you will stay somewhere safe, but it also frees up valuable time, allowing you to be more productive.

2. Bodyguards can double as personal assistants. While a bodyguard's primary responsibility is your personal safety, they can also protect you from things besides assault. This can include things like managing your schedule and protection from unwanted attention and interruption during meetings.

3. Bodyguards are experts at discretion. As an oil professional, you may not want the extra attention that having an armed guard shadowing your every move can cause. However, your bodyguard can also keep you safe without appearing to be your personal bouncer. 

4. Bodyguards have great communication skills. Not only do bodyguards have to be highly organized and discrete, they also have to be very effective communicators as well. They are trained to  pick up on context very quickly, making them an asset when you are trying to read the body language or attitude of a foreign business contact.

5. Bodyguards serve their employers dutifully. In addition to being trained to read the people that you do business with, your bodyguard may also be able to read and understand you very quickly. They will work hard to make sure that your needs and preferences are met. A bodyguard can be a loyal ally when you are traveling far from home.

As a chemical engineer, your job takes you many places. Why not make sure that you will be protected wherever you go? Hiring a bodyguard is a great way to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Not only are they trained to protect you, they may be the best employee you have, and the only one you need.